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Dec 10, 2012 5:00pm EST
-- national taxpayers union]sot in 6:13:36 "we are expecting federrl pension refoom needs to start right at the top with members of conggess."trt=:07 taxpayers face two trillion dollars of unfunded liabilty and veronique also ntu sign ]we asked pete sepp with national taxpayers union and eer-oh-neek da ru-j-ay] a research fellow at the mmrcatus ceeter what changes among the ideas.....[graphic] increase out offpocket contributioon. employees one peecent of heir salary. change the formula frommthe three highest paid years tto the five highest.raise the minimum reeiremenn agetie increases to the conssmer price index.[take sot cheryl &pst. john/works in prvvte sector]sot in 6:32:01 "it should change cause the reet of us are reallying hurting, i mean we don't havv anything." trt=:04 tomorrow, ... pn... our... eries.. on the . - fiscal cliff. p3 f you're writing a letter to santa....forget the pen and find out the sites you can visit o make and ppst your holiddy wiss list. a record in the making in the midwest...why residentss re notthappy about being part of 3 --adblib weather tt-- th
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1